We are delighted to be offering two types of Immersion Experiences

In-person Immersion 

Impact: Delegates will experience a whole school approach to relational and restorative practice in a mainstream through school (ages 4-19) and identify how relational and restorative practice can support their setting moving forward.  

Cost: £245 per person

Key outcomes:  

  • Understand how the principles of relational and restorative practice can be developed in a whole school approach. 
  • Identify the common challenges to implementing RP.
  • Recognise how a whole school approach can impact on KPIs including: achievement, attendance, NEET and staff absence.

Please click here to view an example of an Immersion Day Programme.

Upcoming dates:

11th October 2021 – Fully booked

15th November 2021 – Fully booked

6th December 2021 – Places available

10th January 2022 – Places available

31st January 2022 – Fully booked

7th March 2022 – Places available

28th March 2022 – Places available

20th June 2022 – Places available

Please note that the day runs from 7:40am – 4pm. Dates can be subject to change depending on demand.  

Online Immersion

Impact: Understanding what a whole school approach to relational and restorative practice looks like in a mainstream through school (4-19) and to enable delegates to understand how relational and restorative practice can support their setting moving forward.  

Cost: £145 per person 

The online immersion has 3 parts:  

Part 1 – 60 minutes online preparation material that covers the story of CMCS and introduces some of the principles, processes and skills for implementing a whole school approach to relational and restorative practice.  

Part 2 –  A 90 minute live zoom that includes engagement with staff and children at CMCS about their experience of relational and restorative practice.   

Part 3 – A 90 minute live zoom Q&A with the Senior Leadership Team from CMCS. There is time to review future priorities for delegates and discuss possible next steps. 

The immersion experience can be organised for groups of up to 24 people. Dates are agreed with groups requesting the programme.  

For more information, please contact Amy Benson at [email protected]